Mission Statement

In today’s business world, it is a necessity to have a clear vision of your goals.  Most organizations, whether they have a Christian world-view or not, have prepared what are commonly known as mission statements.  For all of us involved with Waking Vegas, it is important to frequently check ourselves to see if we are being faithful to our stated direction as a band and a music ministry.

Our Mission (Ministry) Statement is as follows:


We seek to:

  • Produce audio recordings and live concerts which are:
    uplifting and motivating
    artistically and musically excellent.
  • Present good clean living, via our concerts, in a way that allows people the opportunity to have a personal transforming encounter.
  • Encourage and challenge believers to live a Godly life.
  • Provide spiritual growth for all personnel involved in Waking Vegas ministry.
  • Be a witness within the community.