Meet the Band

This is the true story of four strange people, picked to be in a band, and have their lives turned upside down, to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start rocking out.  The Adventures of Waking Vegas.

Meet the band:

Aaron Kuykenall plays drums for Waking Vegas. He grew up in central Ohio and moved to Michigan when he was 18, shortly after which, after taking a long walk along the beautiful western Ohio coast, he was struck by a rogue bolt of lightning. It wasn’t just any lightning though – it was like lightning made out of chocolate pudding. This sudden shock to his system made his fingers morph into drumsticks, which was a sure sign: he had to start playing drums in a band.

Little did Aaron know, a drumming position in the greatest Wrock ‘n Wroll band in the land was about to drop into his hand. It was so grand. He began to systematically punish the skins for the sake of glorious ROCK and, along with Waking Vegas, bring about an aural goad of cephalic annihilation!
And Ice Cream.

“HRRRRRNNNNGGG!”   – Chewbacca


Enosh Fee likes to play guitar.










Budd Birdsall plays bass.